Referral Program - Refer a Friend  Used Car Dealership on Shields Blvd. in Oklahoma City



Here at OKC Auto Direct we not only value your business, but we value your loyalty even more! We know we gain your trust and support by providing the car buying experience you deserve, clean facilities, and providing all your car maintenance needs including warranty work after the purchase. However, it does not end there, we will buy it as well! Send us a friend, colleague, family member or even just someone admiring your new ride and when they purchase, we will send you $100 for your efforts! Want more CASH? Bring them in personally and we will give you $200 when the transaction is complete!!!

A few months into establishing our business we took a deep look at our business model to determine how to build the best foundation for our team, and it became evident that through the loyalty of our best clients spreading the word about OKC Auto Direct was the best way. Referral marketing is rated the most effective at all stages of the sales process. Why? Because new customers earned via referrals have pre-established trust in our brand. Simply put, recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are the most credible form of advertising a business can have. Statistics show that an astonishing 92% of people say that they trust peer recommendations more than traditional advertising. We rely on our valued client’s loyalty and support to grow our business and we want to show you our appreciation. Become a brand ambassador for OKC Auto Direct today and start getting mail box money tomorrow!

Want more? Become a brand ambassador that refers 5 new owners to OKC Auto Direct and we will provide you $1,000, in addition to the individual payout of every single new client sold you referred here.


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